January 14

Welcome Coach Nellis!

Welcome to our newest Pashley Polar Bear Visitor!

Coach Nellis is studying to become a Physical Education Teacher, Woot Woot!  She will be spending the next 7 weeks with us.

What are some of your favorite things about Pashley to share with her? 

Let’s make sure we give her a warm Pashley welcome!

May 19

“Winning At All Costs” Means Something Else

Our Pashley Field Day is less than a week away!  It is so exciting!!!

We have started talking to you about your mindset for big events like, Field Day.

We also shared the meaning of Olympic Oath with you.

What does it mean to win at all costs?  Not what you might think!


“It only takes 1 moment to decide to be strong, to separate myself from the rest…

Out work your competition. Work Hard. It is only impossible if you give up”.

**Everyone will get a chance to see this short motivational video in PE.

What do you think about the message?  How does it make you feel inside?



January 27

#NGWSD 2017

Pashley Elementary is CELEBRATING …

National Girls and Women in Sport Day 2017!

#NGWSD 2017

The 5th grade girls have done a GREAT job with their

Favorite Female Athlete Project

Each poster puts a spotlight on… amazing female athletes.

We are also really excited to have an awesome Fitness Trainer be our Guest Speaker…

WELCOME Jackie O!!!

Jackie O is incredibly enthusiastic, optimistic and gives you an amazing workout  ALL THE TIME!!

What did you like best about Jackie O’s visit today?


June 6

Word Of The Week…COMPETE

  1. strive to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others who are trying to do the same.
     Image result for hurdles

             BHBL Elementary District Field Day is….TOMORROW!

For many of us, that means an afternoon of excellent competition.

Our Pashley Team’s goal is to simply…  do    our    best.



GO PASHLEY!!!!Image result for polar bear running

February 1

National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD)


February 3, 2016

Today and every day we celebrate the accomplishments of female athletes!

The annual celebration seeks to recognize the extraordinary achievements of those who have helped affect change and create opportunities for women and girls in sports. 

What did you think of Miss Holly teaching us Yoga? What was your favorite pose?

Who is your favorite female athlete? 

katiegracie gold