March 16

Staying Connected…During this Challenging Time

Pashley Polar Bears…I wanted to let you know how much you are missed.

Our school is quiet, too quiet.

I miss seeing you as you pass by my office door every morning.  I miss saying “GOOD MORNING” to you all.

Let’s stay connected using this PE Blog.

  • Comment on how you are doing
  • what you are doing
  • what you will look forward to when we are back at school!!

I will share my time away from you,  as well.  Keep checking in with my posts.


Take time to follow our online suggested PE lessons, and PLEASE get outside for fresh air!

 The days are getting longer and the sun continues to shine brighter.

We will and CAN do this together.


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March 10

Learning our Muscles in PE

This week we are learning the names of our leg muscles.  These muscles help us walk, run fast and sit during instruction.Image result for leg muscles

I have put together a little dance, lol

Gluteus Maximus (side to side)

Quad-dri-ceps (pat your thighs)

Ham-string (grab the back of your leg)

Gastrocnemius (tap your toes)Image result for leg muscle dance clip art

How do we make our leg muscles strong in PE?

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