May 19

“Winning At All Costs” Means Something Else

Our Pashley Field Day is less than a week away!  It is so exciting!!!

We have started talking to you about your mindset for big events like, Field Day.

We also shared the meaning of Olympic Oath with you.

What does it mean to win at all costs?  Not what you might think!


“It only takes 1 moment to decide to be strong, to separate myself from the rest…

Out work your competition. Work Hard. It is only impossible if you give up”.

**Everyone will get a chance to see this short motivational video in PE.

What do you think about the message?  How does it make you feel inside?



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17 thoughts on ““Winning At All Costs” Means Something Else

  1. Jordan Butcher

    Mrs. Ferrie I just went on a bike ride and pushed myself extra hard for field day and now I feel great.

  2. Nora Tomasky

    Pumped up! Listening to the motivational video right now! I’m so ready for this!

  3. Nora Tomasky

    Pumped up! I just wrote PFD ( Pashley field day ) in glitter on my arm! I am so ready!

  4. Lucan p

    my favorite season to exercise is spring because it not to hot or cooled it is juste rite.

  5. colby n

    My favorite season to exercise is … I don’t have one! I like to play basketball in the winter, lacrosse in the fall,and soccer in the summer! 🙂

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