17 thoughts on “Healthy Habits for 2016

  1. pefairy (Post author)

    Water is so important! I always try to have a water bottle in my car when I travel.
    I also drink a lot of water during my spin classes!!

  2. pefairy (Post author)

    My exercise goal is to get to the YMCA twice during the week. I have to make exercise during the week a priority!

    My nutrition goal is to eat healthier lunches. Sometimes I grab unhealthy things because I am running late in the morning. I need to pack my lunch the night before so I have more choices and time to plan a healthy lunch.

    Happy 2016 everyone!!

  3. Ariana R

    When Makayla H said orange it made me remember that a couple days ago I just wanted a really big and jucy orange that was all I was craving….

  4. sophia t

    my healthy habit is going to be doing 50 push ups and jump n jacks each day and also eating an apple a day 😃😃😃

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