May 12

Physical Education Leaders SHINE at Pashley

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Congratulations to our 5th Grade recipients…

NYSAHPERD Capital Zone Physical Education Leadership Award!!

A leader has great communication skills, is a problem solver, encourages everyone and is a role model, especially when no one is watching!!

What else do you think makes a great leader?

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4 thoughts on “Physical Education Leaders SHINE at Pashley

  1. Elise

    Congrats all leaders i hope you all bring theses memories with you 5th grade was aweome

  2. Katherine

    Wish I got one of the leadership awards but, proud of the people who got it.(Maggie, Alejandra, and Ella B.)

  3. Alejandra

    i think what makes a good leader is being humble and compasionate. I think all these girls here (and boys) can be ĺeaders (and are leaders) by trying your best and be kinder than nececcary in everything that you do to show that you care. Thats what i think that matters. I am very proud of all the girls and boys who got the award, and encourage others who didnt. Just remember, everyone can be a leader if they want to.

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