17 thoughts on “# Girl Power

  1. mya p

    The thing that I liked most about today is how coach Hoffman played so many sports and if she didn’t like one or didn’t think she was good at it she kept trying anyway.

  2. molly.p

    Mrs.Ferrie the thing I liked about coach Hoffman is that she didn’t just stick with one or two sports she tried many different ones.

  3. Abby D.

    The thing that I learned from the guest speaker is that even if you are tired you can still do anything. It has now inspired me to do Color Me Rad five K in the fall!

  4. Abby D.

    The thing that I enjoyed the most about coach Hoffman is that she played a video to show that even if you retire you can still be active!She did great!!:)

  5. veronika p

    I think (Today 2/6) the yarn ball fitness activities were awesome because you got to do different fun things to stay fit and healthy.

  6. Carly Hodgkins

    today (feb.6th) I liked the part when we ran and where singing “this girl is on fire!!” because we where on fire today especially during the yarn ball game!! 🙂

  7. Coach Hoffman

    Sharing with this group made me feel alive. I loved the questions. Coach Ferrie, you are the epitome of a Great Physical Education teacher. Thank you

  8. pefairy (Post author)

    Talk about SUPER! These Pashley 5th Grade girls ROCK! You girls inspire me every day!!
    Mrs. Ferrie

  9. Blesi do-da

    Hey Mrs. Ferrie how is vacation? My’s awesome! Today I went to the beach and went fishing! We had to walk 1 mile to the fishing spot and back:) I had so much fun! See you soon!

    Ella Blesi
    (Blesi do-da)

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