December 31

Our Journey to Staying Healthy 2015!

In what small ways will YOU be mindful of  YOUR  HEALTHY New Year’s HABITS?

Pick something to be mindful of, with eating

Pick something to be mindful of, with exercise

Pick something to be mindful of, at school or work

Have a WONDERFUL Healthy, Happy!! New Year Pashley Polar Bears!!

 1. conscious or aware of something.
Our word of the week in January 🙂

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73 thoughts on “Our Journey to Staying Healthy 2015!

  1. Gabriel 4-O'R

    Hello Mrs. Ferrie,

    Happy New Year!!
    My New Years resolutions are:
    : exercise 30 minutes a day
    : Drink more water
    : Be more confident in myself !!!

    Gabriel 4-O’R 🙂

  2. Noah 4-O'R

    Hi everybody! I’m staying healthy this year too. For me I’m going to keep playing hockey. I’m also going to get some more assists in hockey. I will eat as healthy as possible and keep doing as good as possible both academically and physically.

    I wish everyone a happy New Year.

    Noah 4-O’R

  3. ETHAN 4- O'R

    Mrs. Ferrie,
    I will be mindful to eat more fruits and vegetables. I will become even more hydrated so I can be even more focused at school.:)
    Ethan 4-O’R

  4. Gabby 4 OR

    Hi everybody,

    My new years resolutions are to exercise more,drink lots more water and get a lot more sleep to get great grades in school.

    Gabby 4-O’R

  5. Colin 4-O'R :)

    Hello Mrs. Ferrie,

    Happy New Year and I have one new year resolution.
    It is to eat lots of veggies and stay away from soda.
    It’s true…I drink soda a lot of soda and I need to stop.

    Colin 4-O’R 🙂

  6. Tyler 4-O'R

    Hello Mrs.Ferrie . I want to share my resolutions about eating, exercising, and how to improve in school.

    Eating-I want to eat more fruits and veggies. I also want to drink more water because I don’t drink much water. Exercising-I will play outside more and play less electronics. School-I will space out my homework so I don’t have to do a lot at once, and to be more focused.

    Tyler 4-O’R 🙂

  7. Gabriel 4-O'R

    HI Mrs. Ferrie,

    I would ride my bike and get more exercise. I would also eat healthier foods and stay hydrated so I am even more healthy!

    🙂 Rhiannon 5- S

  8. Jacob 4-OR

    Hello Mrs.Ferrie,

    My New Year’s goal is to drink more water and milk. I will go outside sometimes when its warm. I might learn a new sport or work with my parents sometimes.

    Jacob 4-OR 🙂

  9. Hannah 4-O'R

    Hi Mrs.Ferrie,

    One of my eating resolutions is to eat more fruits and veggies and to drink less soda.
    To get more exercise, I’m going to continue going to palates with my mother:)
    To do well on my book summaries, I’m going to read 20 minutes a day!
    Those are some of my new years resolutions, I hope you like them!

    Hannah 4-O’R

  10. Abbey 4-OR

    Hello Mrs.Ferrie,

    I always eat fruit and veggies . I think its the best food in the world! I barely have a day without fruit or veggies. I am the healthiest eater in my family ! I always play sports but I hope to play more sports than just softball this year !

    Abbey 4-O’R

  11. Alexander 4-O'R

    Hello Mrs.Ferrie,
    This year I want to become a black belt. I also would like to eat and drink healthier.

    Alex 4-O’R

  12. Ella 4-O'R

    Hi Mrs. Ferrie,

    Here are some of my healthy habits for 2015. Some healthy eating habits I had in mind are to eat more fruits and vegetables. Some exercise habits I am planning to do are practice sports more often. For habits in school and home I am going to put more effort into my work.

    Ella 4-O’R

  13. Maggie 4-O'R

    Happy New Year Pashley Polar Bears!!

    I want to stay fit in 2015. I’ll do that by…..
    Eating: eat at least 3 veggies a day and bring healthier snacks to school
    Exercise: I already play indoor field hockey to stay healthy
    School and work habits: I will study harder and get more sleep
    🙂 Maggie 4-O’R

  14. Gabby D.

    Hello Everybody,

    I promise I will try my best to be mindful to eat healthy foods this year!
    I will also try my best to finish all of my school work, too!I hope I will stay very fit
    this year.Thanks to Mrs.Ferrie, I have learned and discovered many of my athletic

    Best Wishes,
    Gabby D. ; )

  15. Eva 4-O'R

    Hi Mrs.Ferrie 🙂

    I don’t drink lots of water but, I am working on it. I eat all of my fruits, veggies, wheat, meat and dairy every day ( but I mostly eat fruits the best ). Fruit is like candy to me and I know why……… it’s because fruit has it’s own sugar. I try my best at school, I really do. I go on walks every week. I feel relaxed when I take the walk. I will be mindful of drinking more water every day. 🙂


  16. sabrina

    Hi Mrs.Ferrie

    This year I will be mindful about:

    -eating more veggies each day
    -I think I will exercise more by take a spinning class with my mom
    -I will stay hydrated by drinking more water
    -I will try doing more softball than ever before!

    Happy New Year!!!

  17. danny 4-OR

    Hi mrs ferrie I think that you should have 2 fruits and veggies every day or a lot more if you can.You should go to the gym 2 times a day or more.
    one of the ways you can stay healthy is by staying hydrated. You should have at least 8 glasses of water a day. You should also eat lots of fruits and veggies. You should also play a sport is possible.

    By Danny 4-OR

  18. Alex 4-OR

    Hello Mrs. Ferrie,

    This year I will be trying to STOP drinking soda. 🙂 This year I will drink more water each day. 🙂

    Alex S. 4-OR

  19. Emma 4-O'R

    Hello Mrs. Ferrie,

    Thank you for reminding us to eat healthy in 2015!
    I eat three fruits a day and a lot of veggies.
    I will get a lot of sleep and exercise.
    I will improve my habits of exercise.
    I will be as tough as a polar bear maybe tougher.

    🙂 Emma 4-O’R

  20. Jesse 4-OR

    Hi Mrs.Ferrie,

    I am eating a lot of fruits and veggies this year.I hope to drink more water as well.
    I have been eating salads with meat and lots of veggies. Also I have been exercising a lot.:)

    From, Jesse

  21. Gavin 4-O'R

    Hello Mrs. Ferrie,

    My New Years Resolutions are to play outside when my homework is done, not on video games. I will bring a water bottle to school every day not just some days. I will also try to go to bed when I am told. I will start some kind of active sport.

    From, Gavin 4-OR

  22. reeghan

    HIII!!! Mrs.ferrie!! I miss u soo much I cant even explain..
    :My new years resolution is to be positive eat healthy and exercise:)!

  23. pefairy (Post author)

    Hi Reeghan! I miss you too, so much! You are always so positive and healthy! Happy New Year!!
    Mrs. Ferrie

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