September 4

JOG-ography!! Let’s Exercise Across the U S A !!

Hello Pashley Polar Bears, WELCOME BACK

I am excited to start another year with you! This year we will talk about the geography of the USA!

I am asking PE Teachers from across the country to share what state they teach in.  We will locate them on my map and exercise our way to where they live.  I can’t wait to travel with you all.

Our first teacher response came from Minnesota!!

Do you know where Minnesota is located?

Get your sneakers ready and see you soon.


Mrs. Ferrie

October 29

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween Pashley Polar Bears!!

I am sure you are as excited as my kids for trick or treating!

**Make sure an adult checks your candy first BEFORE you eat it!  AND the ToothFairy wanted me to remind you to also brush your teeth extra this month!

What are you going to do with all that left over candy?

  • Make DIY trail mix
  • freeze it
  • donate it to “Operation Shoebox” the military!
  • practice counting, sorting and creating math sentences with them
  • use it for a science experiment
  • save it for decorating your Gingerbread house next month


February 24

Vacation Week is ACTIVE Week!

I hope you all had a GREAT February vacation!  Many families stayed active during their vacation week!

Here is Mrs. Sala and her family finishing a 5K Race in Florida.  Way To Go TEAM SALA!

20150220_111655 (1)

At my PEP Summit PE Teacher Conference, friends and I decided to Geo cache in Arizona. Fun finds!


AND of course some bowling fun with family and friends…

photo (1)


How did YOU and YOUR FAMILY stay ACTIVE over the vacation?

February 20

TEACH What You Love, LOVE What You Teach!

photo (3)


What a fantastic trip back to visit Ithaca College!

I had the privilege of teaching some PE activities to college students preparing to be PE Teachers :-).  What a blast!!!

I also got to be with my college best friend (she is an amazing PE Teacher in Buffalo)

Thank You Ithaca College for an amazing college experience, as it felt great to “give back” to the college and the student’s today.

What do you LOVE about Physical Education?

photo (4)


photo (1)

February 5

# Girl Power



Game On!


Today, Pashley celebrated National Girls and Women in Sport Day!

Our 5th Grade girls completed a project on THEIR female athlete. * They did an amazing job!!

photo photo (1)

What do you remember most about Coach Hoffman’s visit today?

December 31

Our Journey to Staying Healthy 2015!

In what small ways will YOU be mindful of  YOUR  HEALTHY New Year’s HABITS?

Pick something to be mindful of, with eating

Pick something to be mindful of, with exercise

Pick something to be mindful of, at school or work

Have a WONDERFUL Healthy, Happy!! New Year Pashley Polar Bears!!

 1. conscious or aware of something.
Our word of the week in January 🙂
December 18

Our True Gifts at the Holidays


sunshine elves

Christmas is one of my most favorite times of the year.

The smells, the lights, the music, the tree—I love it all.  What is most important about gifts, (I remind my children) and students at school, we already have…

  • our health!!
  • our families
  • warmth, shelter and food
  • ability to read, hear, sing, dance and breathe

Anything else is just the “extra” things in our life.

These cheerful elves helped deliver small gifts of appreciation to ALL our Teachers and Staff at school. No one was left out or felt forgotten.

Take time to acknowledge all the people in your world…even if it is a “greeting” of  Happy Holidays!

Image result for smiley face with an elf hat

What other “gifts” do we already have?

What makes this magical time of year, so special for you? 

 Merry Fitness and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

November 19

Sharing at the NYS Physical Education and Health Conference

I am sooo excited to attend the New York State AHPERD (PE and Health) Conference!!  I am also privileged to

present and share how we teach PE at the conference with my colleagues. Woot Woot!

  Just can’t hide that BHBL PRIDE!!

I hope to meet many teachers during my conference 🙂

What is your favorite activity to teach or participate in  during PE class?

Where do you teach or go to school??

Image result for i love PE