February 20

TEACH What You Love, LOVE What You Teach!

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What a fantastic trip back to visit Ithaca College!

I had the privilege of teaching some PE activities to college students preparing to be PE Teachers :-).  What a blast!!!

I also got to be with my college best friend (she is an amazing PE Teacher in Buffalo)

Thank You Ithaca College for an amazing college experience, as it felt great to “give back” to the college and the student’s today.

What do you LOVE about Physical Education?

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2 thoughts on “TEACH What You Love, LOVE What You Teach!

  1. Faith R

    Dear Ms. fairy,
    I hope you are having a wonderful break and the other day I saw that guy last year at friendly’s with his family, ( Mr. Prendergast) I forgot what his name is? I am enjoying middle school and I hope you are enjoying teaching kids in the school.

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