March 16

Staying Connected…During this Challenging Time

Pashley Polar Bears…I wanted to let you know how much you are missed.

Our school is quiet, too quiet.

I miss seeing you as you pass by my office door every morning.  I miss saying “GOOD MORNING” to you all.

Let’s stay connected using this PE Blog.

  • Comment on how you are doing
  • what you are doing
  • what you will look forward to when we are back at school!!

I will share my time away from you,  as well.  Keep checking in with my posts.


Take time to follow our online suggested PE lessons, and PLEASE get outside for fresh air!

 The days are getting longer and the sun continues to shine brighter.

We will and CAN do this together.


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October 25

Trooper Mac Visits Pashley

We love to invite female role models to join us for Physical Education Class.  Today our guest is also a HERO.

New York State Trooper “Mac” talked to us about having our inner voice, being strong on the inside and out, and to pay attention with our senses.  She also shared how important FITNESS is to her career!! Trooper Mac is the BEST!!



May 12

#LIKEAGIRL, Trooper Style

 Today in physical education we learned about  #likeagirl  

photo (15)

Our guest today was Trooper Mac.  She shared stories of strength, courage and determination to be a New York State Trooper.  She reinforced that girls can be anything they work hard at!  Trooper Mac is a great role model for our Pashley girls.

We also watched the YouTube video, “Throw Like a Girl”…..It was an empowering physical education class for sure….

What did you remember most from Trooper Mac’s visit? 





April 25

2013 Healthy Kids Day….Glenville YMCA



GOOD LUCK to  all students participating in the Kids Triathlon this Saturday!!

I know you will do your best…what a great opportunity!

Let us know how you did!!

What was the most challenging part of the race?

April 24

Healthy Kids Day @ Glenville YMCA!!!

YMCA Healthy Kids Day, the nation’s largest health day for kids and families, celebrates making fitness fun! (just like we do in P.E. every day :-))


As part of the Y’s commitment to strengthen community by addressing critical gaps in health and education, Healthy Kids Day® will encourage kids and parents to commit to keeping the body and mind active this summer.

This Saturday… April 28, 2012, join the Glenville YMCA for fun activities, fitness skills and more!

11:00-1:00 Healthy Cooking Activity, Bouncy-

Bounce, healthy snacks, gardening, Speed

Power & Agility, Face Painting, & much more!

11:30-11:50: Family Fitness/Dance Class

12:00-12:20pm: Camp Games

11:30-6:45pm: Open Swim


Will we see you and your family at the Y this Saturday?

August 15

Happy Camper



Just picked up my son from a one week overnight camp, in the Adirondack’s.  The camp was all about the environment, nature and the great outdoors.  His favorite part was canoeing several lakes and then sleeping overnight on one of the islands.  Since he has been back, I’ve learned some games from his camp too.   Can’t wait until we play “Salmon Run”!!

Did you attend any camps this summer?

What was your favorite activity?



June 1

Stay Hydrated When You’re Playing Outside


With all this warm and sometimes HOT weather…are you drinking enough water/fluids??

Research shows that your heart rate increases eight beats per minute for every liter of sweat lost during exercise.   This increased heart rate, combined with inefficient cooling, causes your temperature to elevate. This not only compromises performance, but can lead to heat illness as well.

Most experts recommend drinking at least a cup (four to 10 ounces) of water every 15 minutes of exercise.  That gives your body the fluid to “sweat out” and thus cool off your body.

 What do you usually bring to drink when you play sports?