November 4

Taking Time To Share and or Show GRATITUDE

Pashley Polar Bears…here is your November task!

Which of these ways to show or share GRATITUDE can you complete?  *It can be done for a teacher, bus driver, parent, friend, neighbor or just yourself!  It is always important to let the people in your life know how you appreciate them.

Let’s all try to complete 5 in the month of November!

Let me know what you did!

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71 thoughts on “Taking Time To Share and or Show GRATITUDE

  1. Ava L.

    I made my pancakes yesterday. I’m looking forward to when my aunt goes to someplace so that I can take care of her cats and dog. I’m also gonna help my grandma who is struggling with cancer. I am grateful for my friends, parents, brother, teachers, pets, food, water, my home, and so much more. Thank you for being a great P.E teacher.

  2. Anna C

    Mrs Ferrie you are the best teacher ever and I will not try I will do my best in class and not get distracted.

  3. Shaelyn

    If you see someone bullying someone stand up for the person being bullied here are some things to say to the bully. Stop bullying him/her! Its rude!Why are you bullying him/her.Here are some things to the person being bullied. Come on let’s go play over there! In conclusion don’t bully

  4. Aahliyah

    when i have chores to do i just do it with know asking me.I also always surprised her with a cup of coffee. I love showing gratitude

  5. Makayla J

    you are the best pe teacher I could ever have. I help with the dog and cat because my little brother just came home from the hospital.

  6. pefairy (Post author)

    Hi Ella! That was so nice of you to help your Mom! Cleaning the house is not fun but HAS to get done. What a great way to show gratitude 🙂

  7. Alexandra rose b.

    i personly love your pe ideas and honestly i think you would make out in the olimpics if you wanted to

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