February 9


Such a #GIRLPOWER day!

Thank you to Kyoko Ina for taking the time to visit our school   We loved hearing about your experiences in sports, figure skating and especially at the Olympics! You shared that you must have commitment, trust in your pairs’ partner, and some sacrifices along the way. You also encouraged us to “Get Up” when we fall or fail. Keep trying…and never give up.


Our Pashley students asked question after question. It was a fantastic day in PE. We are excited to celebrate you today along with all the girls and women so dedicated to their sport.  #GIRLPOWER   #OLYMPIAN



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18 thoughts on “#NGWSD 2018 #GIRLPOWER

  1. pefairy (Post author)

    My favorite female athlete growing up was Dorothy Hamill. I was a figure skater, and I loved to watch her skate. I even had her famous short wedge hair cut!
    Today, there are so many amazing female athletes. I am in awe of their bravery, determination and grit. These female athletes also demonstrate great character. If their performance or event doesn’t go their way…they maintain excellent sportsmanship and they just KEEP GOING!! That is a life lesson for sure!

  2. Sophia C.

    My favorite female athlete is Gabby Douglas and Mrs.Ferrie I am showing some girl power over here in my home with completed surgery i’m just glad it’s over!

  3. Sophia C.

    Mrs.Ferrie my favorite female athlete is Gabby Douglas she might be small but she can do it all! While you guys interveiwing an olympian I was getting my apendix removed and that was some real girl power!

  4. KaitlynK

    I think every girl has girl power. I ment I know every girl has girl power. You just have to set your mind to it. Belive in yourself. 😀

  5. pefairy (Post author)

    Hi Kaitlyn,
    I agree. When you think you can do something, your body follows!
    I love reading your comments on the Blog. You have so much to say, I love it!!
    Mrs. Ferrie

  6. Molly O'Donnell

    Today, on the pacer (i know this has nothing to say about ice skating but its about girl power) i got a miss and i just pushed through! but im pretty mad at my self cause i was SO close to gettng ultra fit! but next time for sure!

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