December 6

Ways to Keep the Stress OUT of Your Holidays!


After last weekend, I know just how STRESS can affect our holiday season.

(I couldn’t find a parking spot at the mall, I was late to my Yoga class, and I couldn’t make it in time to my daughter swim meet)

So, help me make of list of ways to reduce holiday stress.  This is my list so far…

1-Make exercise a priority.   (Get to a Yoga class on time)

2-Pack and eat extra healthy snacks, to balance the sweet treats (that seem to be everywhere!)

3-Make time to spend with your family.  Playing a game or just hang out.




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34 thoughts on “Ways to Keep the Stress OUT of Your Holidays!

  1. Ms. O'Rourke

    I take deep breaths and listen to my favorite music when I am trying to eliminate stress 🙂 Happy Holidays everyone XO

  2. Mrs. Malizia

    Take a minute at the end of each day to reflect on all that was accomplished and successful that day, celebrate all that went well! It helps me to make a list of “goals” for the following day as well!

  3. Ms. Safford

    When I get stressed during the holidays, I tell myself to sit down, relax with a cup of tea and look at my tree with my love ones.

  4. Patrick McGrath

    Dress warmly and go for a walk in the woods nearby- Maybe the new town preserve at Hawkwood Estates?… Stop and listen to how silent it is 🙂

  5. Mrs. Bonacio

    Going for a run down the Avenue of Pines in Saratoga. It is a beautiful time of year. Most importantly, spending time with my family. My children make me smile everyday.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Mrs. Dougherty

    Do one thing everyday that brings you joy! Maybe do a 5 minute mediation or have a cup of tea in the quiet. It’s so important to take time out for ourselves, especially during the busy holiday season.

  7. Mrs. Neddo

    I hear you! It’s so tempting to skip my trip to the Y, but I feel so much better after! So…my tip is to read a bit before bed. Helps me decompress and forget my troubles for the day.

  8. Mrs. White

    I like to listen to music and, this time of year, I also enjoy baking cookies on stressful days. My kids have joined in on the fun this year:)

  9. Mr. Poitier

    One thing I believe that many of us do, is to put off our preparation for the Christmas holiday, trying to avoid the preparatory stress and also stay in proper holiday sequence (Halloween, Thanksgiving and then, Christmas). Which in turn makes it even more stressful and time-consuming to prepare, the nearer we get to the Christmas, AND that also takes away from the fun time we should be enjoying with our friends and families.

    Maybe the shopkeepers we often chuckle about have got it right: we should all begin preparing for Christmas in August!

    Philip E. Poitier
    Director of Safety and Security

  10. Estella Mackey

    A way to get away from holiday stress is by doing something that you love or a hobby and every now and then have some you time and just relax.😀

  11. Mrs. Fernau

    I always try to reach out to others, and just say hi. I call my relatives in Florida, and check in with them. I also keep perspective by doing things for others. Our family goes Christmas caroling to raise money for Ronald McDonald House, and make treats to drop off at a local Veterans home, or fire department, or something similar. When you do good for others, it makes your stress seems not as significant!

  12. Mrs. Gilgallon

    I set aside time to meditate every morning. My family has dinner together almost every night which is a great time to talk about our day and laugh together.

  13. Mrs. Bikowicz

    Very nice! Great ideas. I am trying so hard to not take on too much. It’s REALLY hard to say no!!

  14. Mrs. Miakisz

    Spend time doing a fun hobby… dancing and crafting are two of my favorites! Hopefully you can do your hobby with a friend or family member. I find when I make time to do one of these things I always feel rejuvenated afterwards!

  15. Arabella

    To get rid of my stress I like to listen to music or use deep breathing. Sometimes I even like to read a book, color, or even watch some TV. 🙂

  16. SamO p.e rules!

    You can go into your room listen to music or just take some me time and watch tv maybe even go to the mall

  17. lilly bean m

    some ways that i like to reduce stress are reading a book, relaxing at the spa, or decorating for Christmas!

  18. Mrs. Fish

    This time of year I love to listen to holiday music and just sit with a cozy blanket near the fire to relax. I also love to make lists in order to give my brain a break from all the hard work it is doing!

  19. Jena

    If one of my parents were stressed I would get them a gift card to get a massage.
    If I was stressed I would totally listen to Christmas music, sit by the fire, read a book and defiantly do yoga.

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