February 1

National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD)


February 3, 2016

Today and every day we celebrate the accomplishments of female athletes!

The annual celebration seeks to recognize the extraordinary achievements of those who have helped affect change and create opportunities for women and girls in sports. 

What did you think of Miss Holly teaching us Yoga? What was your favorite pose?

Who is your favorite female athlete? 

katiegracie gold

September 9

Pashley PE is ready to Rock!

photo (17)Pashley Polar Bears….are you ready for a S U P E R year in PE?!

starsWE ARE TOO!

Physical Education Checklist :              SNEAKERS

                                                                  HEALTHY SNACK FOR THE DAY

                                                                  POSITIVE ATTITUDE

                                                                  ALWAYS WORK HARD/TRY YOUR BEST!

 What are you looking forward to the most in PE?

May 12

#LIKEAGIRL, Trooper Style

 Today in physical education we learned about  #likeagirl  

photo (15)

Our guest today was Trooper Mac.  She shared stories of strength, courage and determination to be a New York State Trooper.  She reinforced that girls can be anything they work hard at!  Trooper Mac is a great role model for our Pashley girls.

We also watched the YouTube video, “Throw Like a Girl”…..It was an empowering physical education class for sure….

What did you remember most from Trooper Mac’s visit? 





May 6

Physical Education Student Leadership ROCKS at Pashley Elementary!

photo (13)

Congratulations to this years’ recipients of the

Sandy Morley Physical Education Student Leadership Award!!

These students were chosen for their leadership qualities in PE.  Image result for star

(They also just happened to rock their fitness scores, *a few records were broken this year :-))

What do you think makes a great leader?

What qualities do you think a good leader should have?

May 1

What’s Your 99%?

Image result for act with respect always 

Today,  Pashley had a powerful program taught by Coach Johns!

Thank You for visiting Pashley Elementary today.

“It’s Important To Understand That One Person Can Have A Monumental Impact On Another.” – Coach Rich Johns – See more at: http://actwithrespectalways.com

What will you remember most from Coach Johns visit?

What is your 99?