May 21

Replace “Screen Time” with OUTSIDE TIME!!

“The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that screen time for kids should be limited to one or two hours a day”. Screen time means television, movies, computers games, and computer web-browsing.  I think that is still a lot!


Research suggests that children who watch more than two hours of screen time (a day) are more likely to be overweight and often suffer from irregular sleep patterns. Sleep is critical for their growing, thriving brains….So let’s give our children the best chance for health!!

Enjoy your long weekend Pashley Polar Bears!!  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

What will you be doing active over the l o n g weekend??

four square

March 18

Movies That Motivate or Inspire…


We just went to see the movie,  McFarland USA

We loved the story (true story, in fact).

“A football coach with prior anger management issues has taken the only job open to him, in a California Central Valley farming town where most of the students work in the fields in the early hours before class. The coach uncovers an opportunity to salvage his life and greatly enrich the lives of his students. Then he wholeheartedly embarks on a (literally) uphill battle to make this endeavor work. “- See more at:

  • From the first sentence of the first scene, I was captivated.
  • I spent the next 129 minutes laughing, smiling and drying my eyes (allergies, right?)

Has you seen a movie that has motivated or inspired you?  Maybe it was a sport movie or another kind?

What movie has motivated or inspired you?

August 19

Eat and GROW Your Vegetables!

Check out our Ferrie Garden!

eggplant kaleHow does YOUR garden grow

We have loved watching our garden grow over the summer.  We have  had fresh vegetables for dinner all summer 🙂

We have harvested green beans, peas, kale, carrots, eggplant, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini and tomatoes.  Soon we expect corn and potatoes.


Do you plant any vegetables at your house or garden?

What is your favorite vegetable?




July 27

Turning Blue, In The Blueberry Patch!

Come find me in the BLUEBERRY PATCH!!

photoBLUEBERRY’S are my favorite fruit!!

They are easy to pick, eat and are so healthy for you.

I have been picking three times a week, and freezing some of the blueberry’s

(if there are any left over:-))

  • Blueberry’s contain a wide variety of antioxidant nutrients(more than any other fresh fruit)
  • Helps brain health and heart disease
  • And….they just taste great!!
  • A big Shout Out to the Nuzzi Family! I saw them picking too.

Do you like Blueberry’s?  Do you go fresh fruit picking too?

July 10

A Family Fun Summer 5K in Saratoga

Pashley Students and Families!!

Come have some family fun and EXERCISE

Saturday, July 19th!!

Silks & Satins 5k Run – July 19th


Join us for the 18th Annual Silks & Satins 5k Run for

Special Olympics New York! 

Silks 5K

Join Mr. Tooker and Mrs. Ferrie (and Jillian)as we support the Silks and Satin 5K Race.

This is Mrs. Ferrie’s favorite race.  Flat course, cool tree lined streets and a GREAT goodie bag and snacks after the race!!




May 15

Pashley Sneaker Wall

MAY is National Fitness Month!!

To celebrate, every Pashley student that exercises 3o minutes outside school hours can earn a “paper” sneaker.  They can decorate the sneaker, bring it back to school to help decorate the gym walls…


Keep it up Pashley Polar Bears

How many paper sneakers have you earned?

photo (16)
photo (17)