14 thoughts on “100 Days of Coach Cohen: Student Blog Post #2

  1. Coach Cohen

    Thank you for all the kind comments but I am truely the one who lucked out. I gained all of you in my life! The Pashley students and staff make it easy to be full of energy and I love being in BH-BL.

    Coach Cohen

  2. pefairy (Post author)

    Coach Cohen,
    How lucky did I get to find someone as passionate about teaching PHYSICAL EDUCATION as I am?! Your energy and enthusiasm is the BEST! No one can have a bad day when you are around.
    Polar Bears are ferocious and tough, and you make that a positive with the students mindset and attitude. Thanks for all you do! You make all of us better students, teachers and friends.

    #greatdaytobeapolarbear #greatdaytobeaspartan

  3. kaitlynk

    Coach Cohen, you are such a nice P.E teacher. I LOVE having you teach us different things in my favorite class P.E. you are so nice. thank you.

  4. pefairy (Post author)

    Hi Sammy! We miss you in PE too! April will be here before we know it!!! Thanks for checking in on the blog!
    Mrs. Ferrie

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