January 3


Hi Pashley Friends!!

My name is Kaitlyn.ย  I am in 4th Grade.

I am excited to create this student blog post.

Here is my question ….

In regards to New Year’s Resolutions

What is something school related to will focus on…(read more, use more flash cards…)

What is something healthy you want to focus on (eat more fruits and vegetables, get more sleep, try new foods)

I hope to hear from you…especially my classmates in Ms. Muscanelli’s class!!

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31 thoughts on “STUDENT BLOG POST #1

  1. KaitlynK

    Hello my name is Kaitlyn and I wanted to tell you people what my school resalution is. I love math and I think I am pretty good at it but I want to practice more at home because I don’t really do it a lot. I hope I have inspired you to do math to

  2. Kailyn D

    my new years resulution is to eat more healthy and to get more work done also this is no healthy or school but it is something I learned from mrs fairy if I see something hard I try It and Just keep trying

  3. KaitlynK

    You all have good new years resalutions. I think you should really, really try to get to those goals. Keep on trying your hardest. I know you can do it.

  4. pefairy (Post author)

    Hi Kaitlyn! I like how your post turned out. Great job!!
    At school, I will try to keep my desk more organized. With such a small office space, I just pile things up. I will be mindful to be more organized of my lessons and ideas.

    I will also try not to eat the Hershey Kisses I have in the prize box, lol. Haha I hope I can do it!!

    See you later Kaitlyn!!
    OX Mrs. Ferrie

  5. Ms. O'Rourke

    Hello my name is Ms. O’Rourke and I have to say these are great questions Kaitlyn! My New Year’s resolution is to be more mindful of my surroundings and my personal needs. This can be as simple as being more kind and positive to others, or something more specific and personal like getting more rest. I look forward to a great 2019!

  6. Mrs. Fernau

    Hi Kaitlyn! Your blog is awesome!
    My resolutions are related to being healthy at school. I will drink more water and less soda! I will only visit the candy dish 1 time each day, no more! I will also keep my desk neater so I can find what I am looking for.

    I miss seeing you in my classroom every day.

  7. Kailyn D

    My new years revelution is to eat healthy and get better at long divison also this isnt school or healthy but if you see something hard always up for a challenge ps your blog is great

  8. Coach Cohen

    Kaitlyn, I love that you (a student) came up with this, what a great question. My resolution is to be more involved with the school community and continue to work on communication. I should also work on one of Mrs. Ferries ideas of keeping my office organized.

    Coach Cohen

  9. Ms. Muscanelli

    Hi Kaitlyn,

    I am so proud of you and your first blog post! You AMAZE me. This year I plan to eat healthier, exercise and get a better night sleep to help prepare for my first half marathon! Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Mrs. Hyland

    Hi Kaitlyn,
    What great questions. My new year’s resolution is to be more consistent with getting to all my exercises classes. I also want to cut down on my sweets especially cookies! Thanks for motivating me!
    Mrs. Hyland

  11. Dr. McGrath

    There are so many good ideas for 2019 on this post! As far as a school-related resolution, I will work hard to do my part to help create lots of exciting opportunities for students who attend BH-BL. You have so many great things to look forward to! My healthy resolution, like Ms. Muscanelli’s, is to focus on getting a good night sleep and running regularly.

    I think that all of us, as Spartans, should work hard on keeping these resolutions. We are a great school and we can always grow and improve to be even better!

    Oh…and I will also make a resolution to try to give us another snow day or two if we ever get and snow! ๐Ÿ™‚ Dr. McGrath

  12. Kkergel27

    You guys all have really good resolutions just keep your mind set and you will be able to do whatever your resolution is

  13. Madeline F

    Hi Kaitlyn, Is to get more sleep,Eat more healthy,Run more often,And…To do better In school!! From, Madeline F๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Mrs. Symer

    Hello Kaitlyn,

    Your blog post is creative and your questions are timely with the start of a new year. In 2019 I plan to visit more classrooms in the district. (I was in your class on Friday and will be back on Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing you.)

    I’d like to spend more time with family, eat healthy and exercise. Thanks for starting this conversation with the questions in your post. Happy 2019!

    Mrs. Symer

  15. Mrs White

    Dear Kaitlyn,

    I have GOT to start going to bed earlier! I’d also like to start allotting 15-30 minutes per night for reading right before bed. Right now I read with my children each night, but never take the time to enjoy a book for myself! Your blog will serve as a reminder to make that time. Awesome job, Kaitlyn!!

  16. KaitlynK

    Dear, Ms. O’Rourke, Mrs. Feranu, Ms. Muscanelli, Mrs. Hyland, Dr. Mcgrath and Mrs. Symer I am so glad you all have responded to my post. Thank you very much and everybody else who has posted on my blog. You all have fantastic new year resalutions. I hope you all suceed in doing what you said you would.

  17. pefairy (Post author)

    Baylee, that is a good one. It can sometimes be hard to break a habit, but I know you can do it!!

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