May 9

2018 Capital Zone Physical Education Leadership Awards

Leadership: an effective leader is a person who does the following: Creates an inspiring vision of the future. Motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision.

Congratulations 2018 Leadership Award recipients!


What do YOU think makes a good leader?

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11 thoughts on “2018 Capital Zone Physical Education Leadership Awards

  1. Lillian Morse

    Thank for choosing me for the award I am honored. You are the best PE teacher! 🙂

  2. pefairy (Post author)

    That was so nice you to comment on Violet. I think you are just as sweet!!!
    Have a great day Molly.

  3. Molly O'Donnell

    Oh! I was going to ask you Mrs. Ferrie which comment you were talking about! But, know I know!!! And I AM having a great day! And THANK YOU!!!!

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