November 29

Healthy and Strong Hearts at Pashley

Pashley School participated in the American Heart Association’s

“Jump Rope For Heart”

  • What was your favorite part about this jump rope activity?  
  • Was it bringing awareness to heart health?
  • Jumping Rope?
  • Learning new dances?
  • Jumping in memory or in honor of someone?

         ALL THE ABOVE??!!

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9 thoughts on “Healthy and Strong Hearts at Pashley

  1. Sophia Tassone

    Hi Mrs.Ferrie, I miss you so much and I hope i can visit one time! I wish I could come back for Jump Rope for Heart and jump rope for my Papa and raise money for people I loved it! And those girls better start training for field day soon! Hehehe. I hope I can visit soon!

    Much Love- Sophia Tassone

  2. alyssacat

    I was jumping is memory of my Gram. Also my aunt Betty has diabetes so some of my energy went to her too!

  3. Sophia C.

    I was jumping in memory of my great grandmother and if it weren’t for you Mrs.Ferrie I would have quit!


    I was jumping in memory of my Grandma.I had THE BEST TIME dancing too!!!I REALLY wish i remembered to bring in money,NOT FOR PRIZES but to help people.

  5. Justice g

    I remember my grandfather he died when i was 3 he said never give up and never say never

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