March 29

Annual Pashley Staff Survey….What is Your FAVORITE Motivational Saying?

Our Pashley Staff Survey is back!!

This year I asked…

“What is Your Favorite Motivational Saying”

Do you see your favorite saying on the bulletin board?

What is Mrs. Ferrie’s favorite saying?

What would be yours?

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11 thoughts on “Annual Pashley Staff Survey….What is Your FAVORITE Motivational Saying?

  1. Anonymous

    One motivational saying that everyone probably knows ,but I really love is, it’s better to try and fail than to have not tried at all.

  2. Alyssa Fast Runner

    my favorite saying is “everyone wants happyness no one wants pain but you can’t have a rainbow without any rain”

  3. Brownie

    i like the motivational saying go big or go home like Mia Malizia! I also like the motivational saying don’t give up! I am also so happy for Mia Malizia for braking the record of the pull-ups! i was so exited for her!

  4. Anonymous

    Mine is “I’d like to see what happens when you don’t give up!!!” Also “sometimes you learn and sometimes you win.” It’s true because sometimes before you win you have to learn first. đź’Ż

  5. B-Hall

    Mine is “Just Keep Swimming”. While I’m doing the mile I will say this to myself and it makes me want to work harder.

  6. Sophia C.

    My favorite saying is something that I made up when I was small it’s “you can’t call the cop’s in a moment when you need to fight” this reminds me that i’m older now and I don’t need my parents to help me with the small things I can fight for myself!

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