May 27

Word of the Week…COMPETE

Tomorrow is 4th &5th Grade Field Day!!  So many amazing memories and accomplishments will be shared with your classmates and friends!!  

Word hard, try your best and always show respect for one another!!

We are so proud of who you are in and outside of Physical Education Class!!

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What does the word “compete” mean to you??

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21 thoughts on “Word of the Week…COMPETE


    Hey Mrs. Fairy! I’m so excited for tomorrow (Field Day)! Do you have any strategies for me? I think everyone wiil do awesome!

  2. Mandi l

    Hi mrs.ferrie I am so excited for tomorrow what compete mean to me is to try your hardest and do the best you can

  3. Mandi L

    Hey Mrs fairy I am so excited for field day tomorrow. I know every one will do good what compete means to me is to try your hardest and don’t get mad if someone beats you and HAVE FUN!!!!!!

  4. pefairy (Post author)

    Blesi Do Da…all of the Pashley students have all worked hard these past few weeks.
    Tomorrow we will have fun and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments!

    Don’t forget to “empty your tank”!!

    #girlpower, #pashleypower

    Happy Racing Dreams 🙂

  5. pefairy (Post author)

    I am ready!! I just went for a long run and finished my workout with some Yoga. I am focused and determined to have a great day tomorrow!!

  6. Emily Darling

    So excited! I can’t wait for field day!!! To me the word “compete” means to do your best and to have fun going against others, even if you don’t win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. kenadie

    hi mrs. fariy! I think compete means to show good sports man ship and try aging even though its hard and never give up!

  8. blake dingley

    Dear Mrs.Fairy I wish you guys good luck today at field day. I was doing soccer punt but on Friday I went skating with Ellya Winchester in Mrs.Sala’s class and I fell and broke my leg. I know that Carys in Mrs.Roberts class came in 4th place and if there is any way possible that she could go to field day for me so that trophy doesn’t leave Pashley. Well good luck and LET”S WIN THAT TROPHY FOR MRS.PANGBURN!!!!!! P.S. #LETS GO PASHLEY LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. blake dingley

    also the word compete means to work hard, never give up, try your best , and push to the end!

  10. Abigail Donnelly

    hi Mrs. Fairy! I am bummed that we got 2nd place at districts, but it least we didn’t come in last. We tried 110% and rocked it. Our best just wasn’t as good as their best. Anyway competing to me , is trying your hardest (the best of the best) and having fun racing, or playing etc. Competing is also emptying your tank and ending up with a red face!

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