May 12

#LIKEAGIRL, Trooper Style

 Today in physical education we learned about  #likeagirl  

photo (15)

Our guest today was Trooper Mac.  She shared stories of strength, courage and determination to be a New York State Trooper.  She reinforced that girls can be anything they work hard at!  Trooper Mac is a great role model for our Pashley girls.

We also watched the YouTube video, “Throw Like a Girl”…..It was an empowering physical education class for sure….

What did you remember most from Trooper Mac’s visit? 





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10 thoughts on “#LIKEAGIRL, Trooper Style

  1. Ellya W.

    When Trooper Mac was talking about her uniform I had to stop and take a second to take this in! Her uniform is gray because she listens to both sides of the story! Wow!

  2. Jamisen

    Trooper Mac is #amazing!!!! She is a great role model and is soooo nice!!! YOU GO TROOPER MAC!!!! #LIKE A GIRL

  3. pefairy (Post author)

    I agree Ellya. I too was fascinated by the Trooper’s uniform and the symbolic parts/colors to it.

  4. pefairy (Post author)

    Molly, I like when Trooper Mac cheered us on at the 1/4 mile run. Having someone cheer you on, makes any task easier!!

  5. pefairy (Post author)

    Trooper Mac IS a great role model!! I am so glad she had the time to visit. Troop G is lucky to have her!

  6. Mattingly O

    She inspired me to get up play hard and not let people tell me I can’t play in the game because I’m a girl I will try harder and I will succeed thank you Ms.Ferrie for having her come

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