January 4

Muscle Week in PE!

muscle shirt

It has been a fun learning about our muscles and how they work.

Do you remember where the body’s smallest muscle is located?

How many facial muscles do we have?

How about the longest muscle?

(I bet you do Pashley Students!!)

What was your favorite fitness “muscle” station this week?

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17 thoughts on “Muscle Week in PE!

  1. Mrs. Neddo

    I don’t know the answer to that, but I just had some kids asking for books and magazines about muscles today. I wondered where that idea came from and now I know! Hope they share some facts they learned! 😉

  2. pefairy (Post author)

    I love this muscle week. I get an extra workout for the week. My abdominals are sore because of all the partner “high five” curl ups we did!
    Stop down anytime and join us!

  3. pefairy (Post author)

    I think the favorite station this week was the “earthquake”!
    Did you get to try that?
    I hope you were able to HOLD ON!!

  4. logan

    i liked the earthquake because i could stay on a lot. i also liked the balance disc. i cant wait to go skiing, now that we have snow!

  5. Lauren

    The mucles were fun. I had fun with all the workouts that we did in gym on Wednesday. I am going to play outside on Saturday!!

  6. emily

    I loved learing about all of our smallest musal and largest musal. My favorite station was the rock wall. I am really exited for walking my new dog named buddy. That is because he loves walks and the snow.

  7. morgan

    i really loved to lean about muscles…… now we are all going to be a lot smarter than the boys when we do learn about the muscles. my favorite was the blue balance disc. i am very glad i have mrs. ferrie as a gym teacher she always pushes it to the limit, and that she is very fun and exciting.

  8. pearl

    hi i loved !!!!!!how we learned the earthquake in p.e im exited for gym every week. im glad it was stations because ive never done it before but i hope lots of people see this and want to exersise a lot more !!!!!!!:-):-)

  9. molly

    In P.E.class surisingly i liked the medicine ball,it’s because i like to work on my abdomonel mucles.I love P.E. i think we are so lucky to have such great PE teachers.They make hard work fun.thanks mrs.Ferrie + Mr.Tooker!!!! ,molly 🙂

  10. clare

    My favorite part of the muscle stations was the
    wall sit. It was very chalengeing but fun.
    Im glad the snow is here because,
    we all get to go skining and snow shoeing!!
    I love to ski and snowshoe its my favorite
    thing to do in gym!!!!! I cant wait to show those boys that the girls are smater with the muscels
    than they are.

  11. Faith

    I loved that we learned the smallest muscle in the body is the ear. My favorite station was the ball to work up the tummy and the abdominal muscles. The weights were light, and the rock wall was very exciting. The best gym teachers ever are Mrs. Ferrie and Mr. Tooker.

  12. pefairy (Post author)

    No worries….Mr. Tooker and I are not going to let you leave 🙂
    You and all the students at Pashley, make teaching so fun and rewarding!!!

  13. pefairy (Post author)

    Did I get to challenge you today? Be ready on Thursday! We have new challenges to teach you!

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